Q: Quick Lift suddenly loses power during use, will the equipment fall instantly?

A:  Will not. After a sudden power failure, the equipment will automatically maintain the voltage and maintain the state at the time of the power failure, neither rising nor falling. The power unit is equipped with a manual pressure relief valve. After manual pressure relief, the equipment will slowly fall.

Q: Is Quick Lift lifting stable?

A:  The stability of Quick Lift is very good. The equipment has passed the CE certification, and the partial load tests in the four directions of front, back, left, and right, all meet the CE standard.

Q: What is the lifting height of Quick Lift? After the vehicle is lifted, is there enough space at the bottom for vehicle maintenance work?

A:  Quick Lift is a split structure. After the vehicle is lifted, the bottom space is completely open. The minimum distance between the vehicle chassis and the ground is 472mm, and the distance after using heighten adaptors is 639mm. It is equipped with a lying board so that personnel can easily perform maintenance operations under the vehicle.

Q: Is Inground Lift easy for maintenance?

A:  Inground Lift is very easy for maintenance. The control system is in the electric control cabinet on the ground, and it can be repaired by opening the cabinet door. The underground main engine is the mechanical part, and the probability of failure is low. When the sealing ring in the oil cylinder needs to be replaced due to natural aging (usually about 5 years), you can remove the support arm, open the upper cover of the lifting column, take out the oil cylinder, and replace the sealing ring.

Q: What should I do if Inground Lift does not work after being powered on?

A: Generally, it is caused by the following reasons, please check and eliminate the faults one by one.
1.The power unit master switch is not turned on,Turn the main switch to the "open" position.
2.Power unit operating button is damaged,Check and replace button.
3.User's total power is cut off,Connect the user's total power supply.

Q:What should I do if Iground Lift can raised but not lowered?

A:Generally, it is caused by the following reasons, please check and eliminate the faults one by one.
1.Insufficient air pressure, mechanical lock does not open,Check the output pressure of the air compressor, which must be above 0.6Ma,Check the air circuit for cracks, replace the air pipe or air connector.
2.The gas valve enters the water, causing damage to the coil and the gas path cannot be connected.Replacement of air valve coil to ensure that the oil-water separator of air compressor is in normal working condition.
3.Unlock cylinder damage,Replacement unlock cylinder.
4.Electromagnetic pressure relief valve coil is damaged,Replace the electromagnetic relief valve coil .
5.Down button is damaged,Replace the down button.
6.Power unit line fault,Check and repair the line.