Double Post Inground Lift Series L5800

Double Post Inground Lift Series L5800

Double Post Inground Lift Series L5800


LUXMAIN double post inground lift is driven by electro-hydraulic. The main unit is completely hidden under the ground, and the supporting arm and power unit are


Suitable for car maintenance, car performance testing, DIY.
The whole machine adopts program control, full electric hydraulic drive, the main unit and the supporting arm are completely sunk into the ground, the ground is covered with an automatic cover, and the ground is level.
The electric control cabinet is on the ground and can be flexibly placed according to needs. The control cabinet is designed with an emergency stop button, which is used for emergency stop. The main power switch is equipped with a lock and is specially managed by a dedicated person to ensure the safety of the operation.
The support arm flip cover is a 3mm pattern steel plate and a square tube frame load-bearing structure, and the car can pass normally from above.
Both the mechanical lock unlocking mechanism and the cover turning mechanism are hydraulically driven, which are reliable in action and safe to use.
The hydraulic throttling device, within the maximum lifting weight set by the equipment, not only guarantees a faster ascent speed, but also ensures that the lift slowly descends in the event of mechanical lock failure, oil pipe bursting and other extreme conditions to avoid sudden rapid speed. The fall caused a safety accident.
The built-in rigid synchronization system ensures that the lifting movements of the two lifting posts are absolutely synchronized, and there is no leveling between the two posts after the equipment is debugged.
Equipped with the highest limit switch to prevent misoperation from causing the vehicle to rush to the top.

The equipment operating procedures are as follows

Press the "Ready" button to automatically complete the following preparations: the flip cover opens automatically - the support arm rises to a safe position - the flip cover closes - the support arm drops onto the cover and waits for the vehicle to drive in.
Drive the vehicle to be repaired into the lifting station, adjust the matching position of the supporting arm and the lifting point of the vehicle, and press the "drop lock" button to lock. Press the "up" button to lift the vehicle to the set height and start maintenance work.
After the maintenance is completed, press the "down" button, the vehicle will land on the ground, the support arms will be manually extended to keep the two support arms parallel to the front and rear directions of the vehicle, and the vehicle will leave the lifting station.
Press the "reset" button to automatically complete the following resetting tasks: the lift is raised to a safe position-the flip cover is opened-the arm is lowered in the flip cover mechanism-the flip cover is closed.

Lifting capacity5000kg
Load sharingmax. 6:4 ior against drive-odirection
Max. Lifting height1750mm
Entire Lifting (Dropping)Time40-60sec
Supply voltageAC380V/50Hz(Accept customization
Power3 Kw
N.W.1920 kg
Post diameter195mm
Post thickness14mm
Capacity of oil tank16L

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